PROJECT: Locust Street Pump Station

Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District –
Locust Street Pump Station

Location: Sausalito, CA
General Contractor: Maggiora & Ghilotti
Equipment: Lo-Dril 2
Work Performed: Installed 10 EA Ideal Foundation Systems 60 LF helical piers for pump station foundation.

This project for the Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary district required us to install ten 60’ long helical piles through clays and mud into bedrock below. HSD installed all ten piles within a single work day, saving the contractor and owner both time and money over a traditional micro-pile system.

Helical piers are a cost effective solution for projects where soil conditions and load requirements allow for them. Because there is no need to stabilize holes, pour concrete, or even remove spoils, many of the costs associated with pile foundations are reduced. Hillside Drilling is one of only a handful of contractors to be certified to install helical systems. If you have a project already designed for helical piles or tiedowns, or would like to learn more about how they may be able to save you time and money, please contact us! We have the equipment and expertise to help.


(1)    Helical Piers consist of a galvanized steel pipe and a number of auger flights. As torque is applied, these flights dig into the soil and drive the steel pipe downward, effectively acting as a large screw.

(2) The HSD crew picks up the lead section of the helical (the one with the flights) with the drill rig and aligns it to the location marked by the layout crew.

(3) The drill rig torques the pile, and the flights advance the steel into the ground. LoDril 2 has been retrofitted with a torque meter to ensure that the piles are driven at the proper torque levels.

(4) Here, HSD crew members fit the next extension onto the previous one.