Shoring Systems

Shoring Systems

Hillside Drilling has delivered high-quality, cost effective earth retention systems on a variety of projects throughout California. Our in-house engineer can provide engineering services for temporary or permanent shoring systems to fit the needs of any project. Shoring systems include:

Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier pile walls consist of steel beams placed vertically in drilled shafts and encased in concrete or gravel. Lagging placed between piles retains earth, and typically consists of horizontally placed timber, steel plates, pre-cast concrete, or shotcrete. For wall heights greater than about 12-14 feet, tiebacks may be added to provide additional support. Soldier pile walls are ideal for building excavations, shoring up failing hillsides or slide repairs, and permanent retaining walls.

Soil Nail Walls

Often times, it becomes cost effective to use soil nails and shotcrete to retain earth rather than cantilevered systems such as soldier pile walls. Soil nail walls are ideal for jobs where top-down construction is necessary and wall heights are in excess of 10-15’, and can be used for both permanent and temporary shoring.  Architectural finishes can be added where an aesthetic element is desired, including carved rock face finishes and colored concrete. Hillside Drilling has done numerous soil nail / shotcrete walls throughout Northern California.

Secant Pile Walls

Secant piles are used in areas where utilities or other constraints block the use of soil nails or tiebacks. Secant pile walls consist of overlapping drilled shafts reinforced with either steel beams or rebar, with every other shaft typically being filled with lean concrete.

 Shoring Systems by HIllside Drilling